High Season for Kelowna and Naramata Wine Tours Has Begun

Every grape holds a story. Within its very cells, each grape carries the tale of the soil that nurtured it, the sunlight that gave it energy, the wind that chilled and buffeted it, and the water that gave it depth and life. Through careful fermentation, the vintner draws out this story crafting a unique wine with complex aromatics that trace their way back to land from which it was born. No two vineyards produce the same grapes and each region’s wines have a unique story to tell. Let Aprés Tours guide your discovery of the story of British Columbia’s premier wines.

The Roots of Excellence

Surround by mountain ranges and fed from sparkling creeks & springs, the grapes of British Columbia tell a story like no other. The mineral rich soil of the Okanagan Valley is home to over 8,000 acres of plantings, featuring 60 varietals. The temperate climates and complex soil of Okanagan Valley make it the perfect starting place for Rieslings and Chardonnays, Merlots, Bordeaux, and Pinots. Only through careful nurturing, pruning, harvesting, and crafting can a truly premier wine be brought to life. The vintners of the Okanagan wine country have committed years of study and toil to perfect their craft. When you join us for a tour of the Okanagan Valley’s vineyards, you’ll see first-hand the care and dedication that makes the region’s wines award winning.  


Grapes in Kelowna.  Photo from Tourism Kelowna

A Story of Sensory Delight

Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Okanagan Lake, with pristine beaches incomparable views, Kelowna’s wineries are waiting for you to discover. Kelowna is home to over 25 wineries, each one with its own unique story to share. Our custom wine tours of the Kelowna and Naramata regions offer a one a one of a kind adventure to enchant your every sense. Our guides will join you in designing an itinerary that will surprise and delight you. Smell the fresh mountain air and feel the soil from which each unique wine is born. Bask in the beauty and quiet of the Okanagan Valley countryside. Let us carry you away from the ordinary and into a world that captivates.

retrieved from okanaganwine.ca

Create Your Own Unique Experience      

Aprés Tours offers an itinerary for your every need. Perhaps start the day with a fantastic brunch, followed by a light tour of local wine gems … or a late afternoon tour basking in the sunshine followed with an evening twilight dinner. If you would like an extra thrill to your tour, join us for a wine and zip line adventure. You can leave your cares and your car keys behind. Our tour van will ferry you and your companions to each destination. For daytime tours, you will enjoy lunch catered by the sublime Urban Fare. Whether traveling with friends or a beloved, seeking adventure or tranquility, we will prepare a programme to suit your desires.

The high season has begun and spring awaits. We invite you to join us in exploring the wild beauty of British Columbia and its distinctive wines.


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