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Adventure In Kelowna

Have a look at this article below and it will tell you how to explore Kelowna properly with a nice glass of wine! Support Local! ~Thanks Team Apres   Fall in Kelowna, for many, is the perfect time to visit. Fewer people and a slower pace mean you can get more time and more space to experience […]

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In the past few years, the craft beer scene has grown exponentially in Kelowna and you can now find over 15 breweries in the city! From hoppy IPAs to smooth pilsners and even some fruity lagers, you’re bound to find your perfect pint at one of Kelowna’s breweries. Not only are the drinks great, but so are the tasting […]

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Tourism Kelowna Update

We are now six weeks into the declaration of the global pandemic, the province’s state of emergency, and drastic changes in the tourism industry and our everyday lives. As part of our response plan, Tourism Kelowna has temporarily paused destination marketing campaigns in external markets and re-aligned our entire organization to focus on local, now […]

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